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DJ Cunningpants

From luscious orchestral arrangements of disco to perfectly rhythmic and melodic mixes of house grooves, DJ/Hack Producer Jacqui Cunningham, aka Cunningpants has established herself as one of Sydney’s most versatile DJs, since taking hold of the decks in 2008.

In the same year as kick starting her DJ career, she launched the notorious Sydney band “Snatch & Grab”, which has only added to her experience and breadth of musical talent. She later launched “GiRLTHING” - currently one of the biggest femme-queer parties in Sydney, which regularly tours throughout every major city in Australia

Cunningpants’ style varies from the dissonant melodies of down-tempo electronics, to the purest depths of tech house. She is a sure-fire floor-filler, with a style perfectly matched to suit any dance floor. This might explain why she has featured on Triple J’s, “The Kick On”, FBi Radio’s “Spin The Bottle”, JOY FM in Melbourne as well as being asked to appear on SOHO radio in London.

Cunningpants has managed to hold down residences and appearances at a multitude of different venues and festivals in Australia. Some of which include; Future Music Festival in Sydney, The official Mardi Gras Party and Melbourne’s Revolver. On top of all that, she has been internationally booked in some of the most iconic venues and festivals throughout London, Indonesia, Cyprus, Mexico, Barcelona and most recently the “Yo Sissy” festival in Berlin!

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