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Vogue Megaqueen

Vogue MegaQueen is one of Darwin’s finest Drag performers. Camp, classy and crass, this creative Queen tears up the stage with grace and sass. Renowned for her seamless shows, hilarious hosting and camp couture, she leaves a trail of sequins and fans wherever she goes.
Originally from Perth, Vogue MegaQueen has been entertaining audiences for over 15 years. Born to perform, she’s shared the stage with some of Australia’s greatest Drag talent and billed alongside superstars Carlotta, Rhonda Burchmore, Jessica Mauboy and Crystal Love. Likened to a Botticelli angel in Drag, this social Queeninspires audiences and artists alike, once the subject of a painting by Archibald Prize winning artist Wendy Sharpe.
Vogue MegaQueen is living proof that “Its okay to be trans and a Drag Queen”, she’s a proud and open Trans Drag Performer who advocates for the rights and lives of LGBTIQA+ communities.
She has performed around Australia and internationally with a solid list of festivals and events under her diamante belt. A co-founder of Drag Territory, Vogue produces and performs shows that celebrate the Territory's vibrancy and talent. Always taking her creativity to the next level, she has competed in national pageants “Queens of the Galaxy” and “Drag Nation”.
Her passion for community has seen her lend her performance and hosting skills to countless charity events like the Northern Territory Aids and Hepatitis Council (NTAHC), World AIDS Day, Breast Cancer and RSPCA fundraisers. To date she has helped raise over $30,000 for charity and organisations.
Vogue MegaQueen believes “the audience gives you life”… So live your true self and a fabulous life with Vogue MegaQueen. 

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